• Omega Protective Services – For Your Safety
    Omega Protective Services – For Your Safety
  • Safeguarding Your Business and Employees
    Safeguarding Your Business and Employees
  • Building Strong and Happy Communities
    Building Strong and Happy Communities
  • Improving Quality of Life
    Improving Quality of Life
  • Arizona’s Security Team
    Arizona’s Security Team

Safety Begins with Omega Protective Services

Professional Security Services

Omega Protective Services has adopted and refined a proven methodology that focuses on the quality of life in the environments that we service. Whether it is a rental community or an HOA, we provide the documentation that is needed for you to make a well informed decision in the best interest of your community. Our methodology will bring the results that are necessary to achieve your vision for your community. Please contact us for a Cost-Free Threat Assessment, and a time to discuss your specific goals.
Omega Protective Services offers an elite security service that caters to each individual client’s needs. Our partnership with each client ensures that services are being performed to the highest standards. Through site specific post orders and OPS’s standard operating procedures, we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your primary officer and the level of services you are receiving. We look forward to the opportunity to build our relationship with you and your business.


Several years ago I recognized the need for security and protective services at many of my firm’s properties. I engaged a company lead by Chief Michael O’Connor. He and his staff were able provide me with the coverage that I and these communities so desperately needed. Working hand in hand with Chief O’Connor, am very proud to say that with his help, advice and expertise I was able to turn many properties around.
Joseph Speed, NAI